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Photographer Takes Magical Photographs of Mushrooms Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Photographer and sports enthusiast Martin Pfister, has found a creative and magical way to shoot mushrooms. Using tiny LED lights that he carefully placed behind the mushrooms, Martin was able to photograph these fungi in a magical and other worldly way. Simply magical! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share with others on… Read More »

Photographer Takes Amazing Pictures of Her Family to Showcase The Pure Chaos

Lifestyle photographer Danielle Guenther has come up with a brilliant concept: capturing her family’s chaotic moments. The results were amazing photographs that not only capture our hearts and attention, but also something we can relate to. So beautiful! Don’t forget to share on Facebook by clicking the button below:)

Photographer Captures Dramatic Portraits of Sheep and Goats Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Upon seeing these photographs, you’ll realize what strong personalities these animals give off. Washington based photographer Kevin Horan has taken it upon himself to photograph these beautiful creatures and show a different side of them. Who knew goats and sheep could take such beautiful portraits? Don’t forget to share on Facebook by clicking the button… Read More »

A Photographer Captured Adorable Shots of Puppies Shaking Themselves Dry

As if puppies weren’t cute enough already, photographer Carli Davidson captures some incredibly adorable shots. After the puppies got wet, she managed to get the perfect shot of them as they were shaking off the water. The result? See for yourself! Aaaannd now I want a puppy! Don’t forget to share on Facebook by clicking… Read More »

Incredible Macro Photography of Dew Drops on Spider Webs Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Who ever could have thought that spider webs were beautiful? Certainly not I! But world renown Italian photographer Alberto Ghizzi Panizza has managed to do just that: capture incredible detail through the dew on spider webs. Using macro photography along with some amazing talent, Panizza has managed to capture the small, intricate images that peer… Read More »

39 Breathtaking Photos of Coral Reefs From Around the World

Coral reefs are one of nature’s most stunning creations, and these 39 photos give you a little glimpse into that amazing world. The Philippines Thailand US Virgin Islands Bonaire Coral bleaching East Timor Fiji Florida Great Barrier Reef Guam Haiti Honduras Indonesia Island of Borneo Maldives Orange cup coral Papua New Guinea These pictures took… Read More »

You’re Not As Ugly As You Think And This Guy Will Prove it To You!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Australian photographer Sebastian Petrovski firmly believes that. Sebastian says: “”Perception is my reality and this is where I am forever trapped. Or am I free?” Throughout high school, Sebastian was one of those teenagers who was very self conscious of his looks and often times depressed.… Read More »

These INSANE Perspective Pics WILL Make You Question Reality…WOW

We’ve all seen those perspective photos, especially in super popular spots such as the Eiffel Tower or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Those perspective pictures are taken in such a way as to make an object look a lot smaller or a lot bigger. Usually, the person in the picture will make themselves look bigger… Read More »

This Guy Dove Head First Into a Giant Wave…and NEVER RETURNED

Clark Little, a sand and surf enthusiast has amassed close to 1 million Instagram users…and you’ll see why! In 2007, after his wife asked him to take a surf picture so she could hang it up, Little decided to do more than that. Armed with photography skills and a love for the water, Little set… Read More »

At Just 5 Years Old This Girl Starts Her Modelling Career…WOW!

This five-year-old model is not your typical Toddlers & Tiaras kind of gal. No – she is much, much more than that. Her father, Australian photographer Bill Gekas, takes inspiration from some of the world’s most famous works of art such as Vermeer and Rembrandt and stars his daughter in them. He plays with different… Read More »

These Photographs Are REAL and DARK and They Leave a Powerful Message

Although at first glance these photos look hilarious, they actually have a deeper meaning to them. Not to worry though, no one was actually hurt…these are just your regular photoshoots. Photographer Sandro Giordoan created this series of quirky photos because of something that happened to him. Giordoan was in a bicycle accident which left him… Read More »

Hollywood Celebs Dressed Up as Disney Characters – Photographs by Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is one of the most talented photographers in the world, and she decided to do something a little different. With the help of some Hollywood celebs, Annie put together some fun, quirky Disney photo shoots that I’m sure we can all enjoy! Olivia Wilde & Alec Baldwin From Snow White Jessica Chastain as… Read More »

The Last Meals of Death-Row Inmates Photographed…What Would YOU Have?

If you were to have the last meal of your life…what would it be? New Zealand-based artist Henry Hargreaves explores the death penalty and our reaction to it in his gripping “No Second” photo series where he re-creates the final meals of inmates executed in Texas. Fascinating, isn’t it? Makes everyone seem a little more… Read More »