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OMG What Are These People Doing?!?!? Shocking Cropped Pictures You Won’t Believe

A cropped picture is worth a thousand words. #1. Bet you weren’t expecting that! #2. Sometimes, cropping can be a horrifying thing #3. And sometimes, it must be done #4. I think it meant to say “American Eagle”. Poor guy. #5. How misleading! #6. That guy she’s engaged to…has no idea! #7. Well this is… Read More »

14 Ridiculous Animal Photobombs That Will MAKE YOUR DAY!

Animals are so adorable…until they ruin your awesome picture! #1. “I just wanna give you a lick!” #2. “No fair – lemme get in there you guys!” #3. “Hey there pretty lady” #4. “What’s this crazy contraption?!?” #5. “Hey we’re all buds, right guys?” #6. “Look mah’ I’m on camera!” #7. “I now pronounce you… Read More »

27 Of the Cleverest and Funniest Snapchats We Could Find

If you’ve never heard of Snapchat, you’ve probably been living under a rock. But no worries, we’ll explain it to you. Someone sends a picture to someone else and they have only 10 seconds to look at it before it vanishes completely. But thankfully, someone was smart enough to take a screenshot of these very… Read More »