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14 Spooktacular Halloween Pinterest Fails

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you can admit that there are a ton of super talented cooks, bakers, and DIYers. But for anyone who’s ever tried to replicate a Pinterest recipe (especially an artsy one), you know that it’s a LOT harder than it looks. Everything’s going great, your cookies are baked to perfection,… Read More »

50 Food Monstrosities: These People Should NEVER Be Allowed in the Kitchen Again

Not all of us can cook like chefs, but I believe that most humans are capable of cooking basic things and doing so without incident, right? WRONG! These 50 pictures prove that maybe humans weren’t meant to cook…at least these ones. STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN YOU’VE RUINED EVERYTHING! #1. String cheese dogs #2. Swirl… Read More »

23 Food Pinstrosities: When Pinterest Ideas Turn Into Nightmares

Earlier this year, we did a segment called “17 Awesomely Hilarious Pinterest Fails” and it proved to be a hit. To commemorate that hit, we decided to go a little more niche and introduce you to food Pinstrosities. Food Pinstrosities are just that: foods that people tried to replicate from Pinterest and failed miserably. Enjoy!… Read More »

23 Recreated Baby Photos…From Pinterest – Enough Said!

Everyone wants their baby to be perfect these days – posing in pumpkins and such. Let me give you a reality check: it won’t work! You know why? Because your baby doesn’t like being in a pumpkin and doesn’t like having Christmas lights on its body so they’ll just end up crying! So please take… Read More »

17 Awesomely Hilarious Pinterest Fails…Mmm Sooo Satisfying

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you know that it’s basically a plethora of DIY stuff, especially for photos, crafts, and cooking. But what’s even cooler is that most people (like myself) think they can actually achieve these diy projects and have them turn out exactly like in the photo. Case in point, these people… Read More »