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30 Incredible Places From Around the World That Don’t Even Seem Real

Why go to another planet when you can experience crazy beautiful and very strange sights right here on Earth? Spotted Lake, Canada Tianzi Mountains, China Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu, China Abraham Lake, Canada Antelope Canyon, USA Cave in Algarve, Portugal Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia Dragonblood Trees, Yemen Emerald Ice on Baikal Lake, Russia Fly Geyser,… Read More »

24 of the Scariest Places To Look Down From. NOPE!

Whatever you do…just don’t look down! #1. Tokyo Skytree #2. Trolltunga Cliff, Norway #3. Walk of Faith, China #4. Alpspix Viewing Platform, Germany #5. Blackpool Tower, England #6. Burj Khalifa, Dubai #7. Cliff Walk, Vancouver, Canada #8. CN Tower, Toronto #9. Dachstein Stairway, Austria #10. Grand Canyon Skywalk #11. Half Dome Mountain, Yosemite National Park,… Read More »

18 Spectacular Perspective Views of Famous Landmarks That Will Make You See the World in a Different Light

These 18 perspective photographs will completely change your view of the world. Sagrada Familia Santorini Stonehenge Taj Mahal The Kaaba The White House The Acropolis Arc de Triomphe Brandenburg Gate Central Park, NYC The Forbidden City The Hollywood Sign The Mona Lisa Mont St. Michel, France Mount Rushmore Niagara Falls The Pyramids of Giza Rock… Read More »

31 Places You’ve Been Mispronouncing Your Entire Life

Who knew? Well now you know! Helena, Montana Iraq Kissimmee, Florida Lafayette Louisville Mackinac Bridge, Michigan Melbourne Montreal, Canada Niger Norfolk, Virginia Pakistan Phuket, Thailand Qatar Reykjacik, Iceland Spokane, Washington Thames River, UK Tijuana Versailles, France Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania Worcester, Massacusetts Worcestershire, UK Yosemite Bangkok Beijing Brisbane Budapest Carnegie Hall Colombia Colorado… Read More »

17 Beautiful, Public Pianos From Around The World

Public pianos have been popping up all over the world, and they’re put there to inspire people to play more and let their creativity shine. Check out some of these stunning pianos that you could one day play too! Toronto,Canada Toronto,Canada Toronto,Canada Toronto,Canada Ukrainian protester Boston,USA Boston,USA Cobourg,Canada Cobourg,Canada Colorado,USA Denver,USA Denver,USA Denver,USA Denver,USA Melbourne,Australia… Read More »

If You Want to Get Away From It All, These Are The Places You NEED To Go To! Serenity Found!

Whoever lives in these places, doesn’t enjoy the hustle and bustle whatsoever! And why should they? Look at the beautiful places they live in – I wouldn’t mind staying at a few for a little while. Thousand Islands, Canada Trabocchi, Abruzzo Trollanes, Faroe Islands Unknown location Urup Island, Russia Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland Ait Benhaddou, Morocco California,… Read More »

14 of the Most Scariest, Toe Curling Places You’ll Never Want to Visit.

Welcome…to the stuff of nightmares! #1. The abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine. This city had a population of almost 50,000 before being evacuated shortly after the Chernobyl nuclear accident. #2. Abandoned House of the Communist Party in Bulgaria. This building, shaped like a flying saucer, sits atop one of the most inhospitable places in the… Read More »

35 Magnificent Groups of Animals That’ll Really Make You Appreciate Our Planet

Look at what the Earth has produced! #1.Sea lions, Palomino Island, San Juan, Puerto Rico #2. Seagulls in Alaska #3. Sheep in New Zealand #4. Snow Geese in Merced, California #5. Starfish in Devon, England #6. Turtles in Sichuan, China #7. Velella Velellas in Northern California #8. Walruses in Alaska #9. Wildebeest, Serengeti, Tanzania #10.… Read More »

These Already Breathtaking Places Are Made Even More Stunning When Fog Rolls Through Them

Just when you thought these places couldn’t get more gorgeous! South Korea Sri Lanka Tennessee Toronto Utah Yosemite National Park, California Australia Austria Canada Canary Islands Chicago China Dubai England Germany Hawaii Hong Kong India Louisiana Namibia New York Norway Oregon San Francisco Seattle Breathtaking, aren’t they? Don’t forget to share with your friends on… Read More »

35 Photos of Thunderstorms That Show the Incredible Power of Nature

This is nature at its most fierce. Somewhere in the USA Southwestern Australia Sydney, Australia Texas, USA Western Africa Arizona, USA Bangkok, Thailand Brian Head, Utah, USA Cagliary, Italy Chaiten, Chile Chicago, Illinois, USA Childress, Texas Death Valley, California, USA Denver, Colorado, USA Dixie Rock, Utah, USA False Kiva, Utah, USA Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA… Read More »

Here Are 28 of the Ugliest Buildings in the World…According to Most People

It’s true what they say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well in MY eyes, and so many others’ out there, we believe that these next 28 buildings are just about the ugliest buildings in the world. Don’t believe me? Just take a look! #1. Strate SE1 in Elephant and Castle, London, England… Read More »

This is What Happens When People Abandon Buildings…I am in Awe and Shock

There are so many buildings and structures in the world that people have just abandoned, but what happens to them after,is truly astounding. Nature begins to take over its territory once again, and it’s absolutely magical…see for yourself! #1. Wonderland Amusement Park outside Beijing, China #2. 15th century monastery in Black Forest, Germany #3. 1984… Read More »

These Are The Most Jaw Dropping Photos I’ve Ever Seen: 34 Most Beautiful Nature Photographs

Our planet is so vast and beautiful, but we often take it for granted and forget to stop and smell the roses. Although most of us don’t have the opportunity to visit every corner of the globe, we can at least relish in the beauty that is photography. These next 34 nature photos from around… Read More »

10 Human Cesspools – Stay Inside Forever or Be Contaminated…Ewwwww

We know that our population is steadfastly growing, but have you ever thought at what rate? These next places prove to be too damn much for anyone! These locations are literally human cesspools. Being around this many people at the same time really can’t be good for your health. But they, if you’re into that… Read More »

18 Places That You Probably Thought Were Boring But Are Definitely NOT

Libraries aren’t just dark, quiet places to study in. They can be magnificent works of art and ingenious architectural structures. These next libraries are opulent, beautiful, and just drop dead gorgeous. #1. Zurich B2 Boutique Hotel #2. Admont Abbey Library #3. Beinecke Library #4. George Peabody Library #5. Iowa State Capital Library #6. Melk Abbey… Read More »