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These Drool Inducing Airplane Meals Will Make You Want to Get On a Plane Right NOW!

Whoever said airplane food was bad, never travelled on these airlines. Japan Airlines Kingfisher Korean Airlines Lufthansa Singapore Airlines TransAsia Airways Turkish Airlines Vietnam Airlines AeroMexico Air Canada Air France American Airlines Cathay Pacific Delta Airlines Druk Air EVA Airways Hello Kitty Jet Iberia Airlines Okay, now I’m starving! Don’t forget to share with your… Read More »

18 of the Weirdest Things That People Brought on a Plane – WTF Were They Thinking?!?

Ok people, it’s not rocket science to know what you’re allowed to bring on a plane and what you’re not. Even if it’s a joke, the TSA takes everything seriously so take your clownishness elsewhere. These 18 people were so stupid for even thinking they could get away with this it just blows my mind!… Read More »

OMG…This Guy Dropped Out of College and Spent FIVE Years of His Life Doing THIS!

A young designer by the name of Lucas Iaconi-Stewart is not your typical guy. Lucas spend 5 years of his life building and designing an exact replica of an Air India 777-300ER airplane only out of a manilla folder! Lucas was so enthralled in his project that he decided to drop out of college and… Read More »