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Photographer Captures Dramatic Portraits of Sheep and Goats Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Upon seeing these photographs, you’ll realize what strong personalities these animals give off. Washington based photographer Kevin Horan has taken it upon himself to photograph these beautiful creatures and show a different side of them. Who knew goats and sheep could take such beautiful portraits? Don’t forget to share on Facebook by clicking the button… Read More »

Heart Melting Portraits of Old Dogs Will Give You New Appreciation for Age

People are often swayed by anything young, such as puppies and kittens. But what about those in their old age? They deserve our attention too, no? That’s why Canadian photographer Pete Thorne compiled a series of portraits called Old Faithful, which features elderly dogs. Their sweet faces will truly warm your heart. Emmy, 14 years… Read More »

14 Crazy Works of Art Made Entirely Out of Candy. Say Whaa?!?

This art is sweeeeet! #1. Sweet Lady Gaga #2. Sweet heart #3. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin Nerds #4. Yummy shoes #5. Bubble gum bear #6. Candy Elvis #7. Candy toilet…gross #8. Chocolate car #9. Confectionery Joker #10. Eminem M&Ms #11. Hubba Bubba Hummer #12. King of Pop Rocks #13. Simpsons Peeps #14. Skittles Mario… Read More »