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30 Things That Will Make You Feel Better Instantly. Like Right Now! Go in and See for Yourself!

We’re constantly surrounded by negativity whether it’s in the news, in movies, or just around other people. Smiling and laughing can make us feel more positive and in turn, make us healthier. That’s why these next 30 things will make you feel better instantly – I swear it! #1. We may not realize it, but… Read More »

25 Times Graffiti Was Actually Inspiring…You Can’t Call THIS Vandalism

Graffiti: for the most part, it doesn’t look too pretty; it makes our neighborhoods look dirty and sends negative messages. But THIS graffiti is something entirely different. It’s not negative at all: in fact, it’s extremely positive. These 25 people really took vandalism to a whole new level. And now, we can’t even call it… Read More »