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17 Beautiful, Public Pianos From Around The World

Public pianos have been popping up all over the world, and they’re put there to inspire people to play more and let their creativity shine. Check out some of these stunning pianos that you could one day play too! Toronto,Canada Toronto,Canada Toronto,Canada Toronto,Canada Ukrainian protester Boston,USA Boston,USA Cobourg,Canada Cobourg,Canada Colorado,USA Denver,USA Denver,USA Denver,USA Denver,USA Melbourne,Australia… Read More »

17 Of the Coolest Subway Stations In the World. You’ll Definitely Want to Visit These.

When you think of metro stations, you often think dirt and ugliness, but these next metro stations are anything but! #1. Washington, DC #2. Barcelona #3. Dubai #4. Kiev, Ukraine #5. Lisbon, Portgual #6. Montreal #7. Moscow, Russia #8. Munich, Germany #9. Naples, Italy #10. North Korea #11. Paris, France #12. Prague, Czech Republic #13.… Read More »

We All Hate Public Bathrooms But When You See THESE Ones…You Might Just Change Your Mind

These public washrooms are anything but ordinary. They’re clean and unique! What’s the point? No one knows – but it’s awesome! #1. Plums Cafe in Costa Mesa #2. The Trail Restroom at the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail in Austin #3. The Tiki Lounge in Pittsburgh #4. American Girl Store in Chicago… Read More »

12 Facebook DONTS! These People Are Seriously Deranged…Especially #9 Hahaha

Facebook is a place for people to interact with one another, occasionally share their thoughts, and of course share some super weird things that shouldn’t even be shared. Well these next people are participated in the latter (sharing some really weird things). If you could learn anything from this, it’s that sometimes it’s better to… Read More »