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A Photographer Captured Adorable Shots of Puppies Shaking Themselves Dry

As if puppies weren’t cute enough already, photographer Carli Davidson captures some incredibly adorable shots. After the puppies got wet, she managed to get the perfect shot of them as they were shaking off the water. The result? See for yourself! Aaaannd now I want a puppy! Don’t forget to share on Facebook by clicking… Read More »

Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This Puppy Jump Into His Owner’s Arms

Meet Rocky. He’s a French bulldog puppy and he’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day. Clearly, Rocky has a fear of heights but that doesn’t stop him from being where he ultimately wants to be: in his owner’s arms! Share this adorable video with your friends!

OMG You HAVE to See This Dog Cheering His Soccer Team: A True Patriot

We’ve all seen animals watching TV and apparently cheering their teams. But none compare to this pooch: Severa. A die hard Portugal socccer fan, Severa is now famous for being the most patriotic dog we know of. Being Portugal’s biggest fan, Severa got extremely excited when Portugal scored against the US in the 95th minute… Read More »

29 Dogs Who Are Manipulative, Sneaky, And Up To No Good – Watch Yourself!

Cats aren’t the only ones who can be manipulative – dogs have their own way too! Watch your back as these dogs are most definitely up to something…and it’s not good! #1. This might take a while… #2. “Just wait till he finds that turd I hid!” #3. This is just asking for it! #4.… Read More »

When Pets Hiccup…10 Adorable Gifs That Will Make Your Heart Explode

Humans aren’t the only ones who hiccup…our pets do that too! Here we have an adorable assortment of puppies, kittens, and even a seal who has the hiccups badly! #1. Sleeping kitty hiccups #2. He’s got the baaad hiccups #3. Corgi hiccup #4. French bulldog puppy hiccup #5. Newborn golden retriever hiccups #6. Hiccup cat… Read More »