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22 Exotic and Breathtaking Bars You MUST Visit in 2015

With the new year upon us, it’s time to seek out something new and exciting! So why not start off nice and slow and visit some of these next bars that’ll make your jaw drop? Breathtaking views, quirky designs, and just plain out there concepts will surely make you gravitate towards any of these bars.… Read More »

After Seeing What These People Found in Their Food, You’ll Never Want to Eat Again

Excuse me while I go throw up now! What these people found in their food is disturbing! #1. Mmm…lizard salad #2. McDonald’s chicken head – that looks delicious! #3. And McD’s does it again with their insect hashbrowns! #4. Nail in your Mac n Cheese? #5. Salad of newt #6. Pickled rat anyone? #7. Look… Read More »

35 Restaurants You MUST Visit Before You Die. WOW to #5

It’s the decade of the foodies and there’s no better time to explore different restaurants than right now! These 35 restaurants are an absolute MUST on your bucket list and it’s not because of their food; it’s because of their views! Although I’m sure that with a view like that, the food is sure to… Read More »

These Are the World’s 10 CRAZIEST Restaurants: Would YOU Dare to Eat There?

We all love to go out for a nice meal every once in a while; but there’s really nothing crazy about it. Enter these 10 restaurants that will blow your mind. Every single one of these restaurants has something so unique, so crazy…that you can’t help but be a little curious and want to actually… Read More »