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14 Exotic Animals That You Can Actually Ride

Sure you can ride a horse (and save a cowboy!), a pony, or a donkey. But what else can you climb on and ride? Well for starters, these next 14 exotic animals. Some, are no surprise, but others will leave you stunned. #1. Reindeer…not just for Santa #2. Water Buffalo #3. The Yak #4. Zebra… Read More »

This is NOT Photoshop: Here Are a Bunch Animals Riding Other Animals Because Why Not?

When animals are as cute as they are, they can pretty much do anything and get away with it! They can be bad and destroy everything in your house, and you’ll forgive them because they’re so frikken adorable. In fact, they’re even cute to one another. Case in point, these next pictures of animals riding… Read More »