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Stunning Transylvanian Landscape Photography Captured At 5AM

Landscape photographer Alex Robciuc wakes up at 5AM to capture unparalleled shots of the Transylvanian mountains in all of their morning glory. Because of the fog and dew that surround the mountains at that time, the photos come out looking almost unreal or adulterated: but they’re not. Our planet can be so breathtakingly beautiful! Please… Read More »

27 Breathtaking Reasons Why You Should Visit Romania

Often overlooked, Romania is one of those beautiful places that you rarely hear about, but you absolutely must visit. Rich in culture, landscape, and overall beauty, Romania is a nature enthusiast’s dream. 1. Sibiu 2. Sighisoara 3. A spring afternoon in the hillos of Holbav village 4. Sunflower fields 5. Tara Barsei 6. Transfagarasan Highway… Read More »