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29 Valentine’s Day Cards For the Unconventional Romantic

Not all Valentine’s Day cards are mushy and cliche, some are actually targeted towards REAL people…like you and I! Don’t know how to tell that special someone how you really feel? These cards may just do the trick! Not only will these cards make them laugh, but they’ll also remind them that you’re someone different… Read More »

Warning: These Signs Are So Incredibly Sarcastic, They’ll Turn YOU Into a Sarcastic Person

Such clever signs! #1. This restaurant is not pho-king around #2. Warning: sharks WILL smell your pee #3. I don’t even know what the point of this sign is #4. This sign must be in Canada #5. I see they’re trying to be hip #6. I don’t think that’s water they’re talking about #7. Remember… Read More »