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Australia’s Oldest Man Knits Tiny Sweaters for Penguins And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See

At 109 years young, Australia’s oldest man, Alfred Date, keeps himself busy by knitting sweaters for penguins. Yes, sweaters for penguins! These poor penguins had been through some tough ordeals and were covered in oil when they were first discovered. These tiny sweaters are actually there to protect them from future oil spills. Cute? Is… Read More »

Millions of Ants Try to Save Their Queen…This is INCREDIBLE

What these ants did for their queen is truly remarkable. This footage was filmed by Steve Kim in Houston Texas. After a downpour, sections of the George Bush Park got flooded, and a huge colony of ants did everything they could to keep their queen alive. We all know ants are incredible when it comes… Read More »

18 Life Hacks that Will Simplify Your Life – #18 Might Even CHANGE Your Life!

There is so much good information out there – things we would have never thought of that could make our lives a little easier. These next 18 “life hacks” have been tested and proved by millions of people who, just like you, just ain’t got time for that! #1. How to Tell When an Avocado… Read More »