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Warning: These Signs Are So Incredibly Sarcastic, They’ll Turn YOU Into a Sarcastic Person

Such clever signs! #1. This restaurant is not pho-king around #2. Warning: sharks WILL smell your pee #3. I don’t even know what the point of this sign is #4. This sign must be in Canada #5. I see they’re trying to be hip #6. I don’t think that’s water they’re talking about #7. Remember… Read More »

Here Are 17 Times Movie Theatres Really Messed Up Their Signs

These movie theatre signs are so beyond ridiculous and inappropriate that they’re actually hilarious. #1. They’re doing WHAT?! #2. Spy kids…really?? #3. Well that’s quite the news story we’ll have #4. But..why?? #5. Very inappropriate Mr. Brooks! #6. I guess that’s historically accurate #7. How is that even possible? It’s NOT! #8. Well now I’m… Read More »

8 Freaky Signs That PROVE the Future is NOW

We always tend to think ahead of time. We think about what will happen this weekend, next year, or in 10 years. But if we look very closely, we’ll see that the future is actually NOW. Everything we thought of years and years ago is actually happening right now! Self-driving cars, incredibly smart phones, synthetic… Read More »

13 Chinese Signs That Got Lost in Translation

Translating from once language to another isn’t always fool-proof. Sometimes, phrases and meanings mean something completely different in another language. That’s why these Chinese signs are over-the-top hilarious in their English translations! #1. If you slip and fall, please do so gracefully! #2. You’re the best brah! #3. Makes sense to me! #4. Is this… Read More »