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Giant Tortoise and Baby Cow Become Best Friends And It’ll Warm Your Heart

With so many bad things happening all around the world, it’s nice to see a heart warming story such as this one – we all need a break! Leonardo the African spurred turtle was rescued from a Bangkok zoo in 2013. Shortly thereafter, Simon the cow joined Leonardo’s habitat after having lost part of her… Read More »

20 See Through Animals That Are Super Cool to Look At. Nature is Just CRAZY!

Animals come in all shapes, forms, and sizes…even transparent! #1. Glass Squid #2. Glasswing Butterfly #3. Jellyfish #4. Phronima #5. Sea Angel #6. Sea Salp #7. Tortoise Shell Beetle #8. Transparent Sea Cucumber #9. Barreleye Fish #10. Barton Springs Salamander #11. Big Skate #12. Clear Slug #13. Comb Jelly #14. Costa Rican Tadpoles #15. Crocodile… Read More »

Beautiful Photographs of Some of the Most Elusive Frogs Were Captured

These frogs are rarely seen or photographed, so to look upon these pictures is truly a blessing! Reticulated Glass Frog Cuchumatan Golden Toad Eyelash Frog Gliding Treefrog Golfo Dulce Poison Dart Frog Hourglass Frog Lazarus Frog Macaya Breast Spot Frog Masked Treefrog Palawan Horned Frog Red Eyed Treefrog Beautiful, aren’t they? Don’t forget to share… Read More »

35 Magnificent Groups of Animals That’ll Really Make You Appreciate Our Planet

Look at what the Earth has produced! #1.Sea lions, Palomino Island, San Juan, Puerto Rico #2. Seagulls in Alaska #3. Sheep in New Zealand #4. Snow Geese in Merced, California #5. Starfish in Devon, England #6. Turtles in Sichuan, China #7. Velella Velellas in Northern California #8. Walruses in Alaska #9. Wildebeest, Serengeti, Tanzania #10.… Read More »

30 Animal Friendships That Will Make Your Heart Explode With Joy. If They Can Be Friends, Why Can’t We?

It’s astounding to see two completely different animal species not only interact with one another, but actually possess a close relationship. #1. A monkey that cares for a cat #2. Rooster and dog #3. Shakira and her dogs #4. Snorkel and Herschel #5. Sox the cat and Liab the lamb #6. Suryia and Roscoe #7.… Read More »

You Won’t Believe What These Groups of Animals Are Called. It Sounds Totally Fake!

You’re probably familiar with the plural for wolves – “a pack of wolves”, but what about other animals? These next animal groupings have such weird names, that you’ll almost think they’re fake! #1. A romp of otters #2. A rookery of penguins #3. A seething of eels #4. A shrewdness of apes #5. A skulk… Read More »

23 Breathtaking Butterflies That You Might Just See For the Last Time

Our environment is changing at a rapid pace, which means that numerous species are slowly dwindling. With the weather changes, as well as human involvement, these next beautiful butterflies don’t have much to live…they are close to extinction. #1. Question Mark Butterfly #2. Richmond Birdwing #3. Sapho Longwing #4. Saturn Butterfly #5. Schaus Swallowtail #6.… Read More »

These Birds Are So Rare, So Exotic That You’ve Probably NEVER Heard of Them.

The Earth is full of creatures we have yet to encounter, and these next birds might as well be on that list. I bet you’ve never seen any of these exotic-looking, almost alien-like birds. All I have to say is WOW. #1. The Royal Flycatcher #2. Spangled Cotinga #3. Splendid Astrapia #4. Splendid Fairywren #5.… Read More »

Brace Yourself For the Wonderful World of Orchids. You’ll Instantly Fall in Love.

Who knew orchids were so awesome?! #1. Slipper orchid #2. The naked man orchid #3. Tropical lady’s slipper orchid #4. Veitchs masdevallia #5. White egret orchid #6. Bartholina ethelae #7. Bee orchid #8. Brassavola digbyana #9. Bulbophyllum medusae #10. Bulbophyllum plumatum #11. Bulbophyllum talcatum #12. Burana angel #13. Butterfly orchid #14. Carousel spider orchid #15.… Read More »

20 Mischievous Looking Animals Who Are Plotting Something Evil

Rare photographs of animals plotting evil things were snapped…and you won’t believe what they’re thinking! #1. “They’ll never suspect me…” #2. “I have many otter plans for you” #3. “Hehe they have no idea what’s about to hit them” #4. “That’s what happens when you try to mimic my hoots” #5. “Eeeexcellent” #6. “I’ll wait… Read More »

11 Terrifying Birds That Are Real and Will Kill You

Birds are supposed to bring us beautiful songs and evoke peace, but these next birds bring nothing but nightmares. #1. Greater Adjutant: This scavenger bird loves to rummage through garbage dumps and prefers humans and dog faeces. #2. Great White Pelican: These birds swallow huge fish and animals whole. It was recently seen catching a… Read More »

12 Animal Hybrids That You Won’t Believe Exist…But They Do

Animal hybrids have been a favorite of all things science fiction, but not anymore. These animal hybrids are 100% real. Although some of them are cute, others are a little creepy looking. Who even knew that these animal hybrids actually existed?!? We sure didn’t – we’re just as shocked as you are! Take the first… Read More »

34 of the Derpiest Animals I Have Ever Seen. I Don’t Know Whether To Laugh or Cry

Animals are so much fun! Whether they’re photobombing us or just acting plain stupid, they always have a spot in our hearts. These next 34 animals take the cake for being super awkward…you’ll see why! Hopefully that brightened up your day a bit! Share these derpy animals with your friends:)

Top 28 Most Brightly Colored Animals in The World Will Shock You & Make You Smile

Our planet is filled with so many beautiful creatures, that it can be very hard to keep track of them all. Some animals though, exhibit such bright, exuberant colors, that we can hardly believe our eyes that these are actual colors that happen in nature. So when we saw these next 28 animals, we knew… Read More »

Here Are 25 Insane Things That Aren’t Man Made…But Animal Made – Whoa I’m Speechless

When we think of structures, our minds usually wander to “man made” things, but we often forget to think about animals. Animals are just as capable, if not more, of building intricate structures. These 25 animal-built structures are shocking to say the least – I had no idea they were capable of such feats! #1.… Read More »

China Just Discovered the Largest Insect In The World…And It’ll HAUNT YOUR DREAMS

If you like insects, you’ll like this one! OK seriously though, who likes insects? Sure I get the fact that they help clean the environment and all that, but they’re creepy as hell and they are what nightmares are made of! Well to make matters even worse, China has just discovered the BIGGEST insect of… Read More »