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23 Completely Useless Items You Can Buy From the SkyMall

As you may or may not have heard, SkyMall is filing for bankruptcy, so you better get on it and order all the weird stuff before they shut down! Solar and battery powered cooling hat Tap water bottle These weird lamps T-Rex trophy sculpture Vegasize compressed shirts Waistband stretcher Wrist cell phone carrier Bigfoot garden… Read More »

21 Products That Will Give You Some Serious Trust Issues

Lies…ALL LIES! This horrible Ninja Turtle treat This phone of lies This useless rope This unpatriotic drink This unreliable lift and peel tab Bed, Bath, and Beyond lies Cereal box of lies This confused coffee This cutting edge trash can False advertising pen False promises Identity crisis box Slightly imperfect undergarments…wtf?!? These “carefully baked” wafers… Read More »

17 of the Best Packaging Designs You’ll Ever See

Now this is marketing done right! Parmesan Pencils Sugar Puzzles Tea Hangers Trident Gum Whitebites Blood of Grapes Butterfly Tea Cupcakes in the Oven Fit Buns High Protein Bread Fruits Toilet Paper Gnome Bread Packaging Goldfish Teabags Japanese Pastry Just Laid Eggs NYC Spaghetti These packagings would definitely make me want to buy the product!… Read More »

30 Amazing Products You Never Thought You Needed…Until Now

Sure these products are useless in a sense…but until now, you never actually thought you needed them! #1. Remote control snack float #2. Smuggler’s belt #3. Squirrel chair #4. Taco plates #5. This amazing scale #6. A water bottle that’ll hold your cards and money #7. The arm sleeper’s pillow #8. Bathtub tray #9. Battery… Read More »

Even if You Don’t Smoke, You HAVE to go to This Cigarette Shop

You may not be a smoker, but throw all that out the window and go check out this cigarette store! No, we’re not encouraging you to start smoking – it’s a horrible habit! But nevertheless, you have to just visit this store to see what I’m talking about. Because when you go to this shop,… Read More »

EXTREME Food and Eating – Top 16…These People Took Eating to a Whole New Meaning!

We all know not to ever go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, right? Well these people clearly did NOT know that as it looks like they might have bought the entire store! Check out these 16 insane, over-the-top foods and eats that you simply won’t believe! #1. This GIANT pizza! #2. This GIANT Toblerone… Read More »