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24 Things That Are So Brilliant and So Genius They’ll Leave You Feeling So So Stupid

These people really know how to life. They’ve taken the ordinary, and turned it into the extraordinary. Can you claim to be able to do these things? No, probably not. So why not take a look at these brilliant things and live through these people! #1. Cheating at its finest #2. Just chilling by the… Read More »

I Wish I Hadn’t Seen This – 30 Cringe Worthy Pictures That Really Take the Cake

The world is full of wondrous, whimsical things: and these 30 pictures are certainly none of these! These people are so incredibly stupid it’ll make you cringe hard and make you wonder whether they’re actually even human! #1. This horrifying tattoo #2. This puke-worthy couple #3. This physically defying “6” pack #4. This glamor shot… Read More »

Here Are the 26 Most Laziest People on the Planet…But They’re Also Geniuses Too!

They say to work smart, not hard. And I’m pretty sure these people took that meaning to the next level. Not only are they not working, but they are taking easy, mundane, every day things that you and I do, to a different meaning. These people are so lazy that they’ve made the cut for… Read More »

I Have Dumb Moments Too…But THESE 20 People Are Something Else! #3 Especially

These next people that you’re about to see are so damn clueless you’ll be shocked! I don’t know whether they left their thinking caps at home or if they never even had one to begin with, but one thing’s for sure: this is good for a laugh! #1. This lady who clearly doesn’t know how… Read More »

Social Media Has Proven It Again: People Are IDIOTS – WOW This is Unbelievable

We know that dumb people exist, but social media has really taken it to a whole new level. Now, instead of thinking that dumb people exist, we really KNOW that dumb people exist…for real. Take a look at these next geniuses and get ready to face palm yourself. #1. Uhm…slap yourself immediately #2. Thanksgiving Thursday?… Read More »

These 32 Tattoos Will Be the Worst Thing You’ll See All Day – I Promise!

Getting a tattoo is a pretty big deal, so you really need to think about it before you get inked. But, these people clearly did not. Miscommunication, lack of talent, and just plain stupidity all played a role in these people’s tats. #1. My next WHAT?!? #2. Oh dear god no #3. Wow your baby… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: 20 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men – MUST SEE

It is known that women, on average, live longer than men. Wanna know why? Keep reading to find out the top 20 reasons! #1. This is one of the reasons women live longer than men… #2. This…is another reason #3. And so is this #4. And this… #5. And also this! #6. Another fine example… Read More »