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Dad Photoshops Son Into Amazing Scenarios

Awesome dad Adrian Sommeling uses his amazing photoshop and photo manipulation skills to create surreal images that feature his son. Each one of these photographs have been carefully manipulated to reflect his amazing skills, but more importantly, his son. His son can be seen doing all kinds of awesome things like flying, or skateboarding on… Read More »

iPhone Pictures Get a Surreal Twist

iPhone photographer Lillwihlen loves to capture the most special moments and then add a surreal twist to them. Using a surreal/comic twist to his photographs, Lillwihlen has become a sort of Instagram celebrity and it’s easy to see why! Take a look at these incredible iPhone pictures! Sure, they may be manipulated but there is seriously some… Read More »

Guy Takes Surreal Pictures From 2014’s Burning Man

A professional photographer, Ari Fararooy’s experience at last year’s Burning Man was truly one of a kind. This being his first time at Burning Man, Ari was inspired by all the creativity and enthusiasm which led him to this beautiful and surreal series of photographs. He described the experience as ” a really trippy, lucid… Read More »

Top 23 Surreal Places You HAVE To See Before you Die

The world is filled with amazing and beautiful sights and there really is no shortage of that. Check out these unreal places that you absolutely must see before you die! #1. Whitehaven Beach at Whitsunday Island in Australia #2. Volcanoes of Kamchatka in Russia #3. Victoria Falls bordering Zimbabwe and Zambia in Africa #4. Tunnel of Love in Klevan,… Read More »