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20 of the Worst McDonald’s Menu Items Ever Sold

Some of these you may not even remember, but they WERE on the menu – even if for a very short time. 1.Onion nuggets 2.Son of Mac – just like a BigMac…except smaller 3. Spanish omelet bagel 4. McClean Deluxe – Lean beef meat that tasted the same as a regular burger but more expensive… Read More »

These F’ed Up Pictures Will Make You Do a Triple Take

Perspective pictures are always fun to look at, and these are no exception. At first, they’ll look strange…but take a closer look and you’ll notice that they’re actually not that strange. These will make you do a triple take! #1. Invisibility cloak #2. This guy’s got some super long legs #3. What a pervert! #4.… Read More »