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Here Are What Some Parents Named Their Children in 2014…And It’s Terrible

BabyCenter’s annual baby-naming survey has confirmed the following list of baby names as the strangest ever for 2014. These poor kids don’t even know what’s coming to them once they get a little older. For shame! Stormie Vino Wolf Zeppelin Linux Onix YOLO Agape Audi Bender Castle Chia Denim Dior Dodge Harbor Heavenleigh Hennessy Hershey… Read More »

Here Are 17 Terribly Evil, But Equally Hilarious Kids…Watch Out For #17 Though!

Kids may say the darndest things, but they do even worse things! Whoever was in charge of these children needs to go back to babysitting classes stat! #1. Buh bye mini-van! #2. Just doesn’t give a crap! #3. “Yeah, you like coffee? Take that!” #4. Is that a dog or a kid? Only God knows… Read More »