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These Stories Will Keep You Up All Night. So Terrifying, So Hair-Raising, And In Just 2 Sentences Only.

Warning: do NOT read this before bed! This is a collection of scary stories that people have made up (or maybe not!) in two sentences or less. They’re creepy, and they will scare the hell out of you, so proceed with caution! Good luck sleeping tonight! Don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook… Read More »

These People Dressed Their Dog Up Like a GIANT SPIDER. OMG. TERRIFYING & HILARIOUS

So these Polish people had a great idea! One night when they were bored, they thought “why not dress up the dog in a gross, hairy, spider suit?”. And so they did. Chica, the DogSpider wore the most terrifying spider suit you will ever see in your life. And if I saw what these people… Read More »