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13 Baby Items That Adults Can Benefit From

These next 13 items aren’t just for babies…they’re for adults too! #1. Gripe water is great for upset stomach in adults #2. Looking for a low calorie snack? These Puffs are amazing #3. Believe it or not, nipple butter is incredible for chapped lips #4. Pedialyte works wonders for hangovers #5. Use baby shampoo to… Read More »

These 31 Things Are So Satisfying and So Perfect…It’ll Make Your Week!

Yesterday we showed you 30 of the most cringe worthy pictures. Today though, is entirely different. These 31 pictures are so perfect they’ll make you feel good all over. Get ready to smile! #1. This perfect supermarket aisle #2. This beautiful symmetry #3. When this walking stick found its home #4. These perfectly aligned candies… Read More »

These Photographs Are REAL and DARK and They Leave a Powerful Message

Although at first glance these photos look hilarious, they actually have a deeper meaning to them. Not to worry though, no one was actually hurt…these are just your regular photoshoots. Photographer Sandro Giordoan created this series of quirky photos because of something that happened to him. Giordoan was in a bicycle accident which left him… Read More »

CRAZY: Here’s How Much Time You Spend in Your Lifetime Doing Normal Activities

Have you ever thought about how much time you waste just getting ready? You’ll be shocked to find out that most of our lives are wasted doing very normal, mundane things that we don’t even think about! We spend 115 days laughing And 99,117 hours at work We spend 46,800 hours on housework Men spend… Read More »

Here are 11 of the Strangest Things EVER Found in a TOILET: WTF?!? #6 is Straight Up Scary!

You wouldn’t expect to find much in a toilet other than well…you know. But these toilets had a little something more than the usual in them. #1. A wombat?!? #2. Hmm…smells kinda fishy in here #3. A person! #4. A pig head #5. Eww…a possum! #6. NOOOOOO!! #7. Oh it’s cool it’s just a shark… Read More »

22 Brilliant Ways to Prettify Your House & Hide All the Ugly Stuff

Cords, wires, and just plain ugly things around your house can give you a headache. Enter these clever, or rather, genius ways to improve all the little things that are bugging you! #1. Create these cute little electrical towers from stray wires #2. Use a desk curtain to hide messy cords #3. Decorate old washer… Read More »

Oh The Humanity! 23 Things That Will Make Your Brain Hurt!

These pictures might not be extreme to some, but to others, it will make them SICK to their stomachs. Are you one of those people? #1. What the hell?! #2. What is wrong with you!! #3. NOOO! #4. Oh my god…this person is a madman! #5. Whhyyyyy?? #6. Childhood…ruined #7. No no no! #8. This… Read More »

26 GENIUS Ways To Recycle Old Things…Can’t Wait to Try #24

Recycling is one of the best and easiest ways you can help our planet stay clean, and what better way than to re-purpose old things that would otherwise see the bottom of a recycling bin! I’ll admit, some of these ideas might be a little hard to achieve (especially by yourself), but you could grab… Read More »