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The 19 Most Perfectly Timed Selfies…#15 is Seriously WTF

These selfies are nothing short of brilliant. They were taken at the most perfect of times. #1. Soccer fan selfie! #2. Perfect sake shot! #3. Best time to take a selfie? After your plane crashes of course! #4. Takin a selfie while getting pic pocketed! #5. “Your sister hates you” selfie #6. Illegal, but worth… Read More »

21 Photos That You Won’t Believe Weren’t Photoshopped!

It’s really amazing what you can do with a camera and perfect timing. These next pictures will leave you stunned…and none of them were altered in any way! #1. No, this guy isn’t Jesus – this photo was just perfectly timed! #2. Meet Venus. She has not been altered in any way, that’s just the… Read More »