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The Absolute Worst Times You Could Take a Picture

Never, ever, under any circumstances, should you ever take a picture if any of the below things are happening. Take a lesson from these people – it’s just inappropriate! #1. When you’re shopping with your child #2. When you’re standing on lava #3. When there’s a wasp around #4. When you’re in class #5. When… Read More »

16 Of the Most Inappropriate Selfies EVER Taken…WTF Were These People Thinking?!?

Selfies have become extremely annoying…with people even taking them in completely inappropriate environments. Here are some people who clearly have zero respect for anyone. Taking selfies at a funeral or while there is a fire going on? Tsk tsk…when will people learn? #1. I’m pretty sure he won’t appreciate your selfie once he regains consciousness… Read More »