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25 Unbelievably Cute and Tiny Gardens You’ll Want to Get Your Hands On

Who doesn’t love a good garden? And if you haven’t got the space for one, follow these next gardens that could fit right in the palm of your hand! #1. Eggshells #2. Fairy Garden #3. Garden in a book #4. Grow bottle #5. Herb dresser #6. Light bulb garden #7. Moss garden #8. One rock… Read More »

Artist Sculpts Microscopic Things Inside Needle Eyes And It’s Amazing

Artist Willard Wigan has come up with a completely new and absurd concept: needle eye sculpting. It’s hard enough just getting thread through the needle, let alone sculpt things inside of it! Little Miss Muffet Nine Camels Olympic Torch Pieta Tailor of Gloucester Tango The Chariot Bowler Hat Cinderella Coronation Crown Earth Fairytale Golden Harley… Read More »

Stunning Photos of the 2014 Nikon Microscopic Competition

Every year, Nikon holds the Annual Small World Competition, where subjects are put through a microscope and then photographed. Here are some of the stunning shots. Reproductive tissues (gray) surrounded by neurons (colors) in the freshwater planarian Schmidtea mediterranea Young starfish Magnesium chloride and potassium alum mixture Hydra and Volvox Jumping Spider Eyes Anagallis arvensis… Read More »

When You See What Normal Things Look Like Under a Microscope…You’ll FREAK!

Zooming in on everyday items is like looking at something completely alien. Eyelash Football Jersey Fortune Cookie Guitar String Instant Coffee Needle and Thread Pencil Pineapple Leaf Postage Stamp Salt and Pepper Sprinkles Toilet Paper Toothbrush Bristles Used Dental Floss Velcro Vinyl Record Banana Blood Cell Blueberry Chocolate Dust Who would have thought that dust… Read More »

Behold! 24 Tiny, Plump Animals That You’ll Want to Squeeze

Humans may not look as cute when they’re plump (unless of course they’re babies!), but animals have a way of working that plumpness like it’s nobody’s business! #1. This adorable, round owl #2. These bellies #3. This round squirrel #4. These plump seals #5. Squirrel plumpness #6. Tiny pug is plump #7. Round baby bunny… Read More »

Enter The Wonderful, Tiny World of Ants – This is NOT Photoshop

You might think these photos aren’t real, but you’d be wrong. This beautiful, tiny world of ants was captured live, using macro photography.Russian artist Andrey Pavlov spends hours setting up his little ant friends and their surrounding and then simply photographs them. Amazing or what? If you enjoyed this mystical world of ants, please share… Read More »