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World Leaders Are People Too. Artist Reveals Them Doing Their “Daily Duty” In a Way Never Before Seen

Everybody poops, and Italy-based artist Cristina Guggeri, wants to remind the world that our leaders, whether good or bad, also have to do the deed like everybody else. This series of images is called “The Daily Duty”, and humanizes world leaders in a way we’ve never seen before. See? They’re just like you and I!… Read More »

Here Are 22 of the Trippiest Toilets & Bathrooms You Will EVER See!

Your throne might be nothing special, but these people’s thrones are VERY special. Check out some of the coolest, strangest, and just down right trippiest toilets and bathrooms you will ever see! #1. Surprise!! Bathroom! #2. Skyscraper illusion toilet #3. NO! #4. Under the sea…is where you should pee #5. Submarine bathroom #6. Super zen… Read More »

Here are 11 of the Strangest Things EVER Found in a TOILET: WTF?!? #6 is Straight Up Scary!

You wouldn’t expect to find much in a toilet other than well…you know. But these toilets had a little something more than the usual in them. #1. A wombat?!? #2. Hmm…smells kinda fishy in here #3. A person! #4. A pig head #5. Eww…a possum! #6. NOOOOOO!! #7. Oh it’s cool it’s just a shark… Read More »