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10 Very Unusual Meats That Are Eaten Throughout The World. #9 Will Make You Sick to Your Stomach

If you’re a huge animal lover and have a weak stomach, I suggest you not read this, because of the gruesome information. In many countries throughout the world, animals that you and I regard as pets, are actually eaten for food. A lot of times though, it is because they have no other choice BUT… Read More »

Do NOT Read This in a Public Place – You WILL Cry: Saddest & Most Joyous Story Ever

A couple who was married for 62 years and completely inseparable die within just hours of one another. This is quite possibly the saddest and also most heart-warming story you will ever read. Don and Maxine Simpson are the couple in question. Married for over 6 decades, their children say that they were inseparable and… Read More »

16 Historical Facts That Will Blow Your Mind: Everything You Thought You Knew is WRONG!

History seems to get lost in time as well as in translation. What most people believe now about history facts is actually untrue. Here are 16 historical facts that will totally make you rethink everything. #1. Medieval Europeans didn’t think the Earth was flat. From the time of the ancient Greek philosphers like Plato and… Read More »

13 Animal Myths: DEBUNKED – Bet You Didn’t Know Most of These!

The animal world is not only very complex and hard to understand, but sometimes also fuelled by rumors. These myths about animals are widely believed by most of the population, but they are oh so wrong! #1. Ostriches do not hide their heads in the sand. Pliny the Elder started the rumor in one of… Read More »

25 Insanely Disturbing Facts That You’ll Probably Regret Knowing: #16 Has Scarred me For Life

They say ignorance is bliss…and it’s totally true for these next 25 facts. Get ready for your stomach to turn and your mind to be blown! #1. When you smells something, the molecules of the object are actually sticking to the inside of your nose.                    … Read More »