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26 Crazy Misconceptions…This Just Left Me Speechless – Who Knew We Were Soo Wrong?!?

Humanity seems to be pretty trusting, especially when it comes to facts. We hear something from someone, and we immediately assume that it’s true. Or, if most people believe something, then it must be true. But take these next concepts for example, and you’ll soon find out that not everything is true. Sometimes, we need… Read More »

16 Historical Facts That Will Blow Your Mind: Everything You Thought You Knew is WRONG!

History seems to get lost in time as well as in translation. What most people believe now about history facts is actually untrue. Here are 16 historical facts that will totally make you rethink everything. #1. Medieval Europeans didn’t think the Earth was flat. From the time of the ancient Greek philosphers like Plato and… Read More »