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Vendor Photography Will Give You a New Perspective on Life

Photographer Loes Heerink spends hours and hours on bridges trying to capture beautiful shots of vendors from above in Hanoi. These vendors get up at 4AM every morning, filling their carts and bikes with an assortment of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Although from this angle it looks beautiful, imagine having to carry that weight around… Read More »

China Just Discovered the Largest Insect In The World…And It’ll HAUNT YOUR DREAMS

If you like insects, you’ll like this one! OK seriously though, who likes insects? Sure I get the fact that they help clean the environment and all that, but they’re creepy as hell and they are what nightmares are made of! Well to make matters even worse, China has just discovered the BIGGEST insect of… Read More »

Take a Stroll Through the Streets of Vietnam and…WOW This is CRAZY!

We’re so accustomed to our Western style of life, that we sometimes tend to forget how others live in different parts of the world. Take Vietnam, for example, where their main way of transportation is a motorcycle or scooter. It’s much more economical than a car and apparently, they can carry anything on there! So… Read More »