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Just a Short Walk Through These Woods, And You’ll Think You’re In Some Magical, Enchanted Forest

If you happen to take a trip to France anytime soon, make sure you check out these enchanted forests. La Colle sur Loup and Mougins in Southern France are amazing forests you can walk through…but they’re not your typical forests. Spencer Byles, the mastermind behind these forests, used sustainable and bio-degradable materials to transform ordinary… Read More »

This is the World’s First Roller Coaster…That Isn’t Actually a Roller Coaster

When you think of roller coasters you think thrill, speed, excitement. But believe it or not, there are some people out there who just don’t enjoy roller coasters. In fact, they hate them. So what about those people? The German Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain coaster was designed just for those people. With views… Read More »