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24 Times The World Became Downright Cruel and Evil Persevered

Why did this happen? Who is behind all this? This mastermind This one-up rewarder Whoever put this outlet sticker here This very thoughtful person This trickster This word search Whoever did this Whoever left this “slice” of pizza This genius This marshmallow thief The messer These diabolical parents These homeowners This alarm setter This anti-piracy… Read More »

31 Reasons That Prove Canadians Are Just The Nicest People On The Planet

Admit it – you love Canadians! Canadian bus and truck accident Canadian athletes Canadian breaking and entering Canadian car burglary Canadian cops Canadian courtesy Canadian crime Canadian drunks Canadian graffiti Canadian guilt Canadian knock-knock joke Canadian license plate Canadian parking Canadian protester Canadian road rage Canadian rules Canadian unrest Canadian vandalism Canadian car dealership Canadian… Read More »

Oh The Humanity! 23 Things That Will Make Your Brain Hurt!

These pictures might not be extreme to some, but to others, it will make them SICK to their stomachs. Are you one of those people? #1. What the hell?! #2. What is wrong with you!! #3. NOOO! #4. Oh my god…this person is a madman! #5. Whhyyyyy?? #6. Childhood…ruined #7. No no no! #8. This… Read More »

BREAKING NEWS: 20 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men – MUST SEE

It is known that women, on average, live longer than men. Wanna know why? Keep reading to find out the top 20 reasons! #1. This is one of the reasons women live longer than men… #2. This…is another reason #3. And so is this #4. And this… #5. And also this! #6. Another fine example… Read More »