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2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards – Finalists

The 2016 Comedy Wildflife Photography Awards has come to an end, and these are the finalists. This funny and quirky competition was founded by two wildlife photographers who wanted to showcase the “lighter” side of animals. Basically, funny and awkward photographs of wild animals but done really, really well. This isn’t your regular cat picture!… Read More »

Shocking Effects of Deforestation Shown in Graphic Ads Will Make You Think Twice About Harming the Planet

The slogan for these ads, “When the wood go, the wildlife goes”, is a powerful, yet graphic and shocking message that speaks for our planet. These ads were made in such a way as to make people really think about what we’re doing to our wildlife and hopefully inspire millions to take better care of… Read More »

21 Stunning Pictures of Animal Migrations From All Over the World

Nature never ceases to amaze us, especially in these breathtaking photographs! Stingrays in Baja, Mexico Walruses in Svalbard White Ibis White Pelicans in Mississippi Wildebeest migration in the Northern Sarangeti African Buffaloes Butterflies in Tucabaca, Bolivia Red crabs in Christmas Island Fireflies in Japan Fruits bats in Zambia Golden jellyfish in Palau Greater flamingoes in… Read More »

18 Animals Who Have Way Better Hair Than You. You Should Be Jealous

These animals have the most majestic hair you’ve ever seen! #1. Mary River Turtle with punk algae mane #2. Mangalica #3. Long haired guinea pig #4. Komodor the mop dog #5. Hairy Caterpillar #6. Gypsy Vanner Horse #7. Fluffy Hamster #8. Fluffy cow #9. Duster Budgie #10. Curly Haired Pigeon #11. Angora Rabbit #12. Afghan… Read More »

Meet Patrick. The Oldest and Most Cuddliest Wombat in the World

At 27 years of age, Patrick the wombat is the oldest known wombat in the world. On average, most wombats don’t even make it past 20. These 4 legged marsupials native to Australia, are something of a wonder for the rest of the world. Sure, they make look like giant rants, but really, they’re the… Read More »