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These 26 Proposals Are So Bad, So Mortifying, And So Cringe-Worthy, It’ll Make You Glad You’re Single

Did these people consult with NO ONE before they went ahead with these proposals?!? #1. That is one classy guy! #2. I hope he baked this cake himself…and it was his first ever, because this is the ugliest frikken cake I have ever seen in my life. #3. Maybe you should have checked the weather… Read More »

I Wish I Hadn’t Seen This – 30 Cringe Worthy Pictures That Really Take the Cake

The world is full of wondrous, whimsical things: and these 30 pictures are certainly none of these! These people are so incredibly stupid it’ll make you cringe hard and make you wonder whether they’re actually even human! #1. This horrifying tattoo #2. This puke-worthy couple #3. This physically defying “6” pack #4. This glamor shot… Read More »