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These Pictures Only LOOK Wrong, But They’re Really Not

Perception is everything…don’t you think? #1. Omg…tuck that in! #2. Disgusting ad! #3. Look at that clown nose! #4. Is that someone’s ass in the background?!? smh… #5. What the hell?!? #6. A third leg! #7. Oh my… #8. Just getting his nose picked #9. Naughty, naughty tomato #10. Soccer players are known to have… Read More »

Here Are 27 Old People Who Miserably Failed At Using Social Media

Old people and the internet…it never fails. They can’t live with it, but they can’t live without it. So what’s a person to do? Enjoy it of course! Old people have given us some of the funniest social media fails ever, and now we are here to commemorate that. Here’s to you old man! Now… Read More »

WRONG NUMBER BRA – Here’s What Happened After 15 People Texted The WRONG Number Bahahah

If you’ve ever called or texted a wrong number, you proably didn’t get much of a reply – if any. But these 15 people really went out of their way (and I don’t know how cuz ain’t nobody got time for that!) and responded in the most hilarious way possible. These people seriously DID make… Read More »