21 Products That Will Give You Some Serious Trust Issues

By | January 5, 2015


This horrible Ninja Turtle treat

this horrible ninja turtle treat

This phone of lies

this lying phone

This useless rope

this rope

This unpatriotic drink

unpatriotic drink

This unreliable lift and peel tab

unreliable lift and peel tabs

Bed, Bath, and Beyond lies

bed bath and beyond lies

Cereal box of lies

cereal box of lies

This confused coffee

confused coffee

This cutting edge trash can

cutting edge trashcan

False advertising pen

false advertising pen

False promises

flase promises

Identity crisis box

identity crisis box

Slightly imperfect undergarments…wtf?!?

slightly imperfect undergarments

These “carefully baked” wafers

these carefully baked wafers

These chips

these chips

These crackers

these crackers

These lies

these lies

This 5 dollar 11 inch

this 5 dollar 11 inch

This Arby’s reality

this arbys reality

This blatant lie

this blatant lie

This dyslexic remote

this dyslexic remote

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