10 Very Unusual Meats That Are Eaten Throughout The World. #9 Will Make You Sick to Your Stomach

By | November 4, 2014

If you’re a huge animal lover and have a weak stomach, I suggest you not read this, because of the gruesome information. In many countries throughout the world, animals that you and I regard as pets, are actually eaten for food. A lot of times though, it is because they have no other choice BUT to eat that particular animal due to a lack of what we would consider “normal meat”.

1.The elephant is considered a delicacy in many African nations


2.The guinea pig is a staple in many South American countries, specifically Peru


3.Iguana is a common meat in Central America, especially Mexico


4. Pigeon is a common meat dish in France


5. Rats are often eaten in many countries, but that is only because there are no other meats available


6. Although the name is not very appealing, the yak is enjoyed in many countries


7. Sadly, 4 million horses are eaten each year worldwide


8. Camel meat is very popular in the Middle East


9. Dog is often eaten in China, Korea, and even amongst farmers in Switzerland


10. In Italy, donkey is often used in the making of salami


As horrifying as it may be to us, there are meats that we eat which other countries also find disturbing. Don’t forget to share on Facebook by clicking the button below:)