18 Pictures From the Past That Prove People Loved Pets Then Just As Much As Now

By | September 8, 2014

According to these next photographs, pets have always been a part of our lives.

#1. This goat family portrait

goat family portrait

#2. This kangaroo fight

kangaroo fight

#3. This roo playing games

kangoroo playing games

#4. Riding a turtle

riding a turtle

#5. This swan not really wanting to get in the car

swan in car

#6. This woman being stylish with her dog in the car

woman with dog in car

#7. Baby and a chicken

baby and chicken

#8. A bear taking a photo? Okay then…

bear taking a picture

#9. A bunny taking a picture. Seriously, wtf is going on here?!?

bunny taking a picture

#10. Just a boy and his dog boxing

dog and boy boxing

#11. The dog caddie

dog caddie

#12. The golfing dog

dog playing golf

#13. The bike riding dog

dog riding bike

#14. A family portrait

dog shoulders

#15. Walking is boring. Let’s skip rope!

dog skipping rope

#16. The dog hates the violin

dog won't listen to violin

#17. Not sure what weird sport this might be

elephant golf playing

#18. Elephant needs to make an important phone call

elephant in calling booth

As you can see, people have loved their pets throughout the ages. Share with others 🙂