Wasabi The Kitten: The Cutest Recovery You Will EVER Witness – NOW IN PICTURES!

By | March 10, 2014

Wasabi the kitten is a rescue kitty that had endured a traumatic beating before being lovingly taken in and cared for. Wasabi was viciously attacked by crows and looked as if she was beyond repair. Wasabi has lacerations in her mouth and couldn’t even feed herself until a very loving and patient woman took her in. In these adorable, heart-warm, heart-wrenching, teeth-clenching, to-die-for photos, you’ll witness Wasabi’s road to discovery.

When found, Wasabi the kitten couldn’t even eat on her own

rescued kitten













The vet had to insert a feeding tube just so she could eat

rescued kitten























Her body was frail but hope was right around the corner!

rescued kitten























Although not fully recovered yet, she was still able to give her own a derpy little smile

smiling kitty























And another one…


smiling cat























Wasabi began recovering quickly…her owner made her outfits so she wouldn’t hurt herself

cat in pink outfit
























Like this adorable little outfit

kitten in outfit























And this one…

cat in outfit
























Things are starting to look up!

wasabi the little kitten


















Little Wasabi’s first poop!


wasabi's first poop


















Making new friends!


wasabi and parrot























And finally, living a healthy and happy life! Best of luck to you Wasabi!

wasabi and dog