22 Brilliant Ways to Prettify Your House & Hide All the Ugly Stuff

By | May 11, 2014

Cords, wires, and just plain ugly things around your house can give you a headache. Enter these clever, or rather, genius ways to improve all the little things that are bugging you!

#1. Create these cute little electrical towers from stray wires

turn stray wires into electrical towers

#2. Use a desk curtain to hide messy cords

use  a desk curtain to hide messy cords

#3. Decorate old washer and dryers

use tape to decorate washer and dryer

#4. Got a lot of cords? Transform them into Bob Marley’s hair!

bob marleys hair for cords

#5. Cover your boring old bathtub with imitation stone siding.

cover bathtub with imitation stone siding

#6. Decorate an old fridge with removable wallpaper

decorate fridge with removable wallpaperdecorate fridge with removable wallpaper2

#7. Disguise the pipes in your yard with fake rocks.

disguise pipes in your yard with fake rocks

#8. Create an electronic charging station

electronic charging station

#9. Create extra space under the stairs

extra space under stairs

#10. Hang a painting over the TV when not in use

hang a painting over a tv when not in use

#11. Hide cables with a tiny picket fence

hide cables with tiny picket fence

#12. Hide any eyesores on the wall with a painting

hide eyesores with paintings

#13. Or hide jewellery with a painting

hide jewelry with a painting

#14. Transform a cabinet into the kitty’s bathroom

hide kittys bathroom in a cabinet

#15. Hide your router with an old book cover

hide router with old book cover

#16. Hide your AC unit with a painting or a chalkboard…just make sure not to block the vents!

Hide your ac unithide your ac unit2

#17. Hide your dog/cat bowls with this clever drawer idea

Hide Your Dog Bowls

#18. Hide your routers with pretty boxes

hide your routers

#19. Make an invisible book shelf

invisible book shelf

#20. Keep your family and friends conscious of the environment with these awesome decals

keep your family conscious of the environment with decals

#21. Run cords along the wall using vine clips

run cords along walls with vine clips

#22. Make your stairs do double duty by also turning them into drawers

stairs as drawers

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