Before Apple Was Cool, They Sold These Super Weird Things. But #4…WTF

By | August 20, 2014

Apple is known around the world for their clean, sleek designs and user-friendly interface, but before they made it big Apple was into some weird shit. Check out these 14 products that Apple used to produce. What the hell?

#1. Apple Playing Cards

apple playing cards

#2. Apple Seat Cushions (for stadiums)

apple seat cushion

#3. Apple Swiss Army Knife

apple swiss army knife

#4. Apple Windsurfing? WTF

apple windsurfing

#5. Apple Wine Glasses

apple wine glass

#6. Apple Toy Truck

itoy truck

#7. Apple Adidas

apple adidas

#8. Apple Baseball Cap

apple baseball cap

#9. Apple Braun Calculator

apple braun calculator

#10. Apple Earrings

apple earrings

#11. Apple Jean Jacket

apple jean jacket

#12. Apple Kid’s Clothes

apple kids clothes

#13. Apple Paper Clip

apple paper clip

#14. Apple Pirate’s Scarf

apple pirates scarf

They kept trying and trying until finally, they got it right! Share these crazy Apple products with your friends 🙂