Pet Goats and Pap Smears…and 21 Other Really Weird Book Titles

By | May 15, 2014

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but it’s a little hard to do that with THESE titles. Just take a look at some of these insane cover & titles, and you too, will be quick to judge!

#1. Uhm…how about no?

pet goats and pap smears

#2. I’m sure your horse would LOVE to do yoga with you!


#3. The Devil made me do it!

the devil

#4. It is very important to massage your pet wabbit

pet rabbit massage

#5. One must show complete passion towards one’s donkey!

passion for donkeys

#6. What’s so weird about a guy and his tractor??

old tractor love

#7. Is this even legal…?

lion's testicles

#8. No, please don’t.

knit your own cat

#9. Again, no!

knit with dog hair

#10. I have a feeling this might just be a scam!

increase breast size with mind

#11. IBS & the Bible – 2 things that go hand in hand apparently?

ibs bible

#12. Yes excellent topic!

how to avoid huge ships

#13. Nothing says romance like a hamburger!

hamburger romance

#14. No…just no

god through cats

#15. DIY Coffins! SWEET!

fancy coffins

#16. HELL YEAH! Sign me up!

extreme ironing

#17. I am slightly uncomfortable now…

dad is a good lover

#18. WTF is wrong with you people?!?

crafting with cat hair

#19. You might need to rethink that lock…seems pretty dramatic to me.

can't open locker

#20. Everyone can be their own personal dick!

be your own dick

#21. Don’t let bananas scare you off any more! Take a stand!

be bold with bananas

#22. Ouch…

who cares about old people