Some People Collect Seashells. Others Collect Stamps. These People Collect Weird. WTF!

By | September 12, 2014

These next people collect some of their weirdest things in the world.

#1. Someone is collecting millions of napkins


#2. Navel Fluff – Graham Barker has been collecting his belly button lint since 1984. Eww.

navel fluff

#3. Nicotine Gum – Barry Chappell’s chewed nicotine gum ball is comprised of 95,200 pieces and weighs about 175 lbs.

nicotine gum

#4. Soviet Calculators – Sergei Frolov has a collection of 150 Soviet calculators.

soviet calculators

#5. Sugar Packets – These people are called sucrologists

sugar packets

#6. Toilet Seats – Barney Smith has over 700 toilet seats. Reason unknown.

toilet seats

#7. Toothpaste Tubes – Why?

toothpaste tubes

#8. Water Guns

water guns

#9. AOL Free Internet CDs – A woman named Lydia has a collection that boasts 2,500 different free internet discs.

aol free internet cds

#10. Asphalt. WTF.


#11. Back Scratchers – Gideon Weiss has 236 back scratchers and one heck of an itch.

back stratchers

#12. Banana Stickers – Becky Martz has a collection of over 7,000 banana stickers.

banana stickers

#13. Burnt Food Museum – Again, why?

burnt food museum

#14. Fish Posters – This guy owns over 700 fish posters.

fish posters

#15. Fortune Cookie Fortunes

fortue cookie fortues

#16. Lawn Mowers. Okay then.

lawn mowers

#17. Mermaid Tails – Eric Ducharme has been collecting and wearing mermaid tails since he was 16 years old.

mermaid tails

#18. Moist Towelettes. I guess they’re useful.

moist towelette

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