#WhatATimeToBeAlive: 19 Things That Exist NOW and Will BLOW YOUR MIND

By | August 6, 2014

Well folks it’s 2014 and it’s officially the future! And what a time to be alive it is! Just check out these 19 things that will literally blow your mind! Okay, maybe not literally but you know what I mean!

#1. Milk and cookie shots

milk and cookies shots

#2. Mini unwrapped Starburst

mini unwrapped starbursts

#3. Funding for the making of a potato salad because the Internet CAN

potato salad funding

#4. Pringles dispenser

pringles dispenser

#5. Soft marshmallow Oreos

soft marshmallow oreos

#6. A sprinkles mill

sprinkles mil

#7. Teriyaki chicken in a pineapple

teriaki chicken in pineapple

#8. Amphibious RV

amphibious rv

#9. Bacon on a stick

bacon on a stick

#10. Amazing beer holder so you can dance without spilling your beer

beer holder

#11. A bin that collects trash wherever you throw it!

bin that collects trash

#12. Breaking Bad bath salts

breaking bad bath salts

#13. Champagne vending machine

champagne vending machine

#14. Churros in a can

churros in a can

#15. Craft beer vending machine

craft beer vending machine

#16. This vending machine lets you custom select your skittles

custom skittles

#17. Ice tray for water bottle

ice tray for water bottle

#18. Junk food menu from BK that lets you know what combinations work best

junk food pairing menu

#19. You can order live ladybugs from Amazon!

live ladybugs from amazon

What a time to be alive indeed! Don’t forget to share 🙂