Can YOU Decide Who Wore it Better? Or is it Just Impossible?

By | February 2, 2015

There are a lot of similarities between the two options, but we think you can manage and pick the best one!

This model or the Pope?

this model or the pope

Blake Anderson or Rocko?

blake anderson or rocko

Madonna or the Quaker Oatmeal guy?

madonna or the quaker oatmeal guy

Nicki Minaj or Jynx?

nicki minah or jynx

Nicki Minaj or He-Man?

nicki minaj or he man

A glue stick or this guy?

a glue stick or this guy

Amber Rose or the candy buttons?

amber rose or the candy buttons

College basketball player or push-up pop?

college baskteball player or push up pop

Heidi Klum or car wash?

heidi klum or car wash

Jennifer Lawrence or Barney?

jennifer lawrence or barney

Joe Namath or Ikea the monkey?

joe namath or ikea the monkey

Justin Bieber or this baby?

justin bieber or this baby

Justin Timberlake or dog with spaghetti on head?

justin timberlake or dog with spaghetti on head

Kanye West or Elaine?

kanye west or elaine

Kim Kardashian or killer whale?

kim kardashian or killer whale

Kim Kardashian or this old couch?

kim kardashian or this old couch

Lady Gaga or outdoor heater?

lady gaga or outdoor heater

Lena Dunham or lime cat?

lena dunham or lime cat

Lil’ Wayne or Donnie Thornberry?

lil wayne or donnie thornberry

Mayor of London or Special Olympics Cartman?

mayor of london or special olympics cartman

Mischa Barton or Oscar the Grouch?

mischa barton or oscar the grouch

Misty or Cheech?

misty or cheech

Rihanna or Arizona green tea can?

rihanna or arizona green tea can

This girl on Tinder or Arby’s curly fries?

this girl on tinder or arby's curly fries

This girl or this iPhone cover?

this girl or this iphone cover

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