22 Parents Who Should Win An Award For Parenting

By | February 4, 2015

These parents did parenting RIGHT!

This dad has a new favorite

this dad has a new favorite

That is one generous dad

this generous dad

This “tooth fairy”

this tooth fairy

The comedy dad

comedian dad

The coolest mom ever

coolest mom ever also

Also the coolest mom ever

coolest mom ever

This crappy selfie

crappy selfie

Dad’s watching!

dads watching

This dad definitely does NOT trust high school boys

doesnt trust high school boys

Economically sound dad

econimically sound dad

Hipster parents

hipster parents

Must work for that wi-fi

must work for that wifi

No short shorts for this girl

no short shorts

Parents beating their son at his own selfie

parents beat their own son at selfie game

Coolest parents ever!

personalized house area

Showing dominance

showing dominance

Smartest mom ever

smartest mom ever

The controllers aren’t even connected

the controllers arent connected

The ungrounded game

the ungrounded game

Teaching the value of money

the value of money

These honest parents

these honest parents

These pranksters

these pranksters

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