The Absolute Worst Times You Could Take a Picture

By | August 22, 2014

Never, ever, under any circumstances, should you ever take a picture if any of the below things are happening. Take a lesson from these people – it’s just inappropriate!

#1. When you’re shopping with your child

shopping with your kid

#2. When you’re standing on lava

standing on lava

#3. When there’s a wasp around


#4. When you’re in class

when a teacher looks up

#5. When a train passes by

when a train is passing

#6. While a fire is raging behind you

while a fire is happening

#7. While jumping out of a plane

while jumping out of a plane

#8. While laying next to dog poop

while laying next to dog poop

#9. After a plane crash

after a plane crash

#10. After being incarcerated

after being incarcerated

#11. As a pier is burning behind you

as a pier is burning behind you

#12. While balancing on a sky scrapper

balancing on a skyscrapper

#13. At a baseball game

baseball game

#14. When there’s a bulldog around


#15. When there are cats around that seek attention

cat seeks attention

#16. While you’re climbing a cliff with no safety gear

climbing a cliff with no safety gear

#17. During a riot

during a riot

#18. During an exam

during an exam

#19. During plane troubles

during plane troubles

#20. During a surgical procedure

during surgery

#21. While flying a military jet

flying a military jet

#22. When you’re near a giraffe


#23. While you’re holding a drink

holding a drink

#24. In the middle of doing a back flip…or something like that

in the middle of action

#25. While you’re interrupting a game

interrupting a game

#26. When you’re next to a lion


#27. Near a great white shark

near a great white

#28. When there’s a bear around you

next to a bear

#29. On a nudist beach

nudist beach

#30. While you’re on the toilet

on the toilet

#31. When you’re being pulled over

pulled over

#32. While replacing a light at that height

replacing lights in heights

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