21 Christmas Wrap Jobs That Failed at Life

By | December 24, 2014

These are so bad…that they’re almost good.



WHY would you do this?

why would you do this

Leftover birthday paper is where it’s at!

leftover birthday paper

Not sure what this is…

not sure what this is

Why even put it in a bag?

why even put it in a bag

A for effort!

a for effort

Make that two A’s!

a for effort2

A present AND the grocery paper? No, it’s too much!

a present and the paper it's too much

The Christmas from hell

christmas from hell



Nothing says Christmas like lined paper

college paper

Denim and ductape is sooo in right now!

denim and ductape

Good luck with that!

good luck with that

Happy Halloween Christmas everyone!

happy halloween christmas

Happy Holidays from the Zodiac killer!

happy holidays from the zodiac killer

I think you’ll need a bigger bag

i don't think that fits in there

Hmmm…I wonder what’s inside

i wonder what's inside

Kids, come quick! Hobo Santa has arrived!

kids come quick hobo santas here

Let it snow or….?

let it snow tits now

I’ve never seen anyone look so excited!

never seen anyone look so excited

Nothing says festive like a garbage bag

nothing says festive like a garbage bag

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