20 of the Worst Kitchen Fails Ever

Ladies and gents, here are 20 of the worst kitchen fails ever! Are you a horror show in the kitchen? Does baking just not agree with you? Well you’re in luck, because these kitchen fails might just make you feel a little bit better! Whether you’ve had a kitchen disaster or not, these people are… Read More »

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11 Donald Trump Valentine’s Day Cards That Are Going Viral

With Valentine’s Day coming up, nothing says love and romance like Donald Trump! That is…if you wanna get dumped OR dump somebody! These 11 Donald Trump Valentine’s Day cards that are going viral were created by an Internet user by of the name TKFN4212817, for the sole purpose of giving you a good scare and a… Read More »

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22 Pictures of U.S. Presidents When They Were Young

Have you ever wondered what U.S. presidents looked like when they were young? Well we did and boy did we come up with some exciting photographs! Who knew that so many of America’s great presidents were so good looking? I guess being America’s president really does a toll on you, as we can all see… Read More »

20 Hilarious Animal Selfies That Will Make Your Day!

The art of taking selfies no longer applies to just humans – animals are in on it too now! Check out these photos below of some of the world’s best and most hilarious selfies! These animals are putting their faces right into the camera, taking amazing selfies and beating us at it too! Let’s be… Read More »

25 Badass Grandmas Will Make You Run For Your Life

When you think of grandmas, badass is usually the last word that comes to mind, but not for these grandmas! Take a look at these ultimate grandmas who are ready to kick your ass, or anyone’s ass for that matter! They’ll protect themselves and their families like nothing else and they’re taking names too! 25… Read More »

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Photos of Michelle and Barack Obama Will Leave You Teary Eyed

As Barack Obama’s presidency comes to a very sad close, we look back at some of their greatest moments. The golden couple with their unyielding love is everyone’s relationship goals. As we celebrate this amazing couple, let’s take a look back at some of their most heart warming moments and never forget the greatest team… Read More »

Pirelli Calendar Showcases Older Celebrities Without Photoshop

In an industry dominated by photoshop, the 2017 Pirelli calendar has turned a new leaf by showcasing the un-retouched, un-photoshoped beauty of older celebrities. The calendar, titled “Emotional”, was shot by German photographer Peter Lindbergh who wanted to capture the raw, natural beauty of these celebrities. The photographs were shot in black and white and… Read More »

3 Holiday Drinks to Make This Season

Tis the season to make fancy holiday cocktails and these 3 drinks will definitely warm your soul and put you in the spirit! These drinks are the most pinned holiday drinks this season, so try any or all of these drinks and start your festivities off right! 3 Holiday Drinks to Make This Season #1.… Read More »

Dad Photoshops Son Into Amazing Scenarios

Awesome dad Adrian Sommeling uses his amazing photoshop and photo manipulation skills to create surreal images that feature his son. Each one of these photographs have been carefully manipulated to reflect his amazing skills, but more importantly, his son. His son can be seen doing all kinds of awesome things like flying, or skateboarding on… Read More »

NASA Reveals List of Best Air-Cleaning Plants For Your Home

If you love plants, your home is probably littered with them, but do you have the right plants? I figure if you’re going to have plants in your home anyways, why not go for those that clean the air and inject your house with much needed oxygen? NASA has revealed its list of best air-cleaning… Read More »

Super Realistic Chocolate Art Will Leave You Baffled!

English food artist (that’s a thing?!?) Sarah Hardy LOVES chocolate so much so that she’s invested hours upon hours creating these super realistic chocolate art that will leave you baffled! Although these chocolates don’t really look appetizing on the outside (except maybe the shell!), it’s really what’s inside that counts – which is still delicious… Read More »

15 Incredibly Realistic Paintings That Will Floor You

Artists seem to be getting more and more talented with each passing day. Just take a look at these realistic paintings and drawings – they are OUT of this world! And truthfully, if I hadn’t known they weren’t paintings, I would have thought they were photographs. Even so, it’s hard to believe that someone can… Read More »

Adorable Doodles That Will Actually Break Your Heart

These doodles may seem cute at first, but they’ll soon break your heart! These adorable yet heartbreaking illustrations by Ben Cameron show a different side to life. What if objects felt? What if animals could talk? What would they say? How would they feel? Ben has turned these doodles into a book called “Tragidoodles” which… Read More »

Arctic Whale Photography Will Take Your Breath Away

Biology professor and scientist Audun Rikardsen grew up in northern Norway and had always been fascinated by marine biology, especially arctic whales. Shortly after becoming a biology professor, he decided he would pursue his life’s love: photographic the stunning beauty that is the arctic and its whale. These photographs are truly stunning and give a… Read More »

15 Sushi Hybrids That Will Blow Your Mind

Sushi has been at the forefront of foodies’ favorite foods for some time now, so it’s no wonder that they’re also being transformed into something completely different. These 15 sushi hybrids will blow your mind and leave you craving for sushi like nothing else. So if you’re a sushi fan, get ready to drool! 15… Read More »