Lavender is a beautiful flowering plant that brings an amazing floral scent to any garden. Additionally, lavender can cure a multitude of ailments including but not limited to sleep issues, stress, and anxiety. Today we'll show you how to grow lavender from seed and also how to take care of it!

How to Grow Lavender

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Make sure you plant your lavender in a sunny location that will receive at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. Plant in early spring as soon as the last frost is over.


  • Lavender likes well drained soil. You can use raised beds or containers.
  • Choose a soil with low fertility.
  • Lavender prefers alkaline soil, therefore the pH level should be 6.5 or higher.
  • Blend equal parts bone meal, lime, and well composted manure.

Planting Lavender:

  • Plant seeds about an inch deep into the soil. This goes for both ground planting and pot planting.
  • Water deeply as soon as you plant.
  • Space plants 5-6 feet from one another.

Caring for Lavender:

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  • During the hot summer months, make sure to water your lavender plant every single day.
  • Prune the top of the plant to ensure a productive plant.
  • If nights get too cold, bring your plant inside (if in a pot/container).
  • Once lavender is well rooted, it is tolerant of heat waves and dry spells.

Happy Planting!

how to grow lavender

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